Phinc Photography Web & Design in Warrnambool :: About

Who are we?
At Phinc we have a dedicated and enthusiastic team who all love what they do and you can be sure that as soon as you enter our beautiful boutique store, you will want to share the Phinc experience.

Not only a retail shop, Phinc also specialises in professional photography and graphic design/web design. We’d love to meet you and make Phinc a part of your life.
We work from a lovely shop in the CBD of Warrnambool.
So come down and say hello, and make the Phinc experience a part of your life!

The meaning behind ‘Phinc’

Originally, when working with other photographers on larger jobs we would go by the name ‘Photographers Incorporated’. In the planning stages, a shortened version seemed more appropriate and so Phinc was born! The name Phinc worked well as it didn’t focus entirely on photography, letting our customers see us for the diverse business we are, creating more publicity for our graphics and web design services, as well as our gorgeous homewares, jewellery, gifts and furniture.

Thank you for visiting