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Frequently Asked Questions for Portrait Photography

What do I wear to a Family Portrait photo shoot?

– Have clothing ready in advance to the photo shoot but all items should be clean and wrinkle-free. Also, bring a few back-up clothing choices, incase anyone experiences a last-minute spill and needs an emergency replacement.
– Choose neutral or muted colour tones. Bright colours tend to draw the eye away from the subjects.
Coordinate your style. Everyone should be dressed in a similar style, such as formal or casual.
– Pick clothing that fits nicely. It should be neither too tight nor too loose.
The clothes should hang on the body well, without folding or creasing.
– Consider clothing that covers the knees and elbows. These areas don’t photograph as well as the rest of the body so it may be wise to choose clothing that covers them.
– Coordinate colours. Everyone in the family portrait should wear colours that meld well together. Some families choose to match their colours exactly. While this is not necessary, you do need to ensure that all the clothing colours complement each other.

What should I avoid wearing for a Family Portrait shoot?

– Avoid distracting shoes as they will often be captured in the portrait (they may be removed).
– If you are conscious about your arms, wear a long sleeved top and the same goes with legs – wear long pants.
– Avoid stripes, plaids, logos and bold patterns as they will draw attention away from the faces in the photo. Likewise, avoid bright, shiny jewellery and large belt buckles.
– Avoid different shades of the same colour. If one person is wearing a bright blue shirt, you don’t want another person wearing a light blue shirt. It will just look like you attempted to match but didn’t quite succeed.
– Trendy styles. Avoid wearing these as basic classics are better clothing choices for your portrait. Trends pass and you want your family portrait to be timeless.


– Discuss the family portrait together with the entire group as your portrait should convey a sense of your family’s personality.
– You want the main focus to be your family, not your clothes!

What clothing should be worn for a children’s or single portrait?

– For children’s or single portraits, you can be a bit more adventurous and fun with your clothing choice.
– Brighter colours and patterns can make an image really pop.

What if the weather changes on the day of the photo shoot?

– We have the option of using either of our two spacious studios
– We can always re-schedule the photo shoot to a different day when the weather suits.

What kinds of locations can be used for the photo shoot?

– We can shoot at any location of your choice.
For example it may be the beach, gardens or your family home. We have ideas but we are also open to any suggestions you may have.
– There is also the option of either of our two photography studios. We have various props and backdrops to create an intimate setting for your family portrait.


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