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Questions you may like to ask …

High Res images on cd/dvd

Yes, your wedding collection is available on disc, for your own insurance – you never know what the future holds. However, having said that, printing your images at home or through a local laboratory will not do justice to the time, effort and money that you put toward hiring a professional photographer to take artistic and unique images of your wedding day. Only your photographer understands the true colours of each image (what your brain perceives on screen, is not necessarily what is in fact on the screen or in the image file), and knows how to best translate what is seen on screen to printed form. Defaulting to home printing or non-professional labs WILL result in poorer colour reproduction. Poorer contrast and a shorter lifespan of the print are often common issues with cheap/home prints.

…You wouldn’t ask a fine restaurant to provide you with their choice ingredients, only to attempt to cook the meal yourself…

Yes we do pr. If you do choose to purchase the copyright to your images printing your images at home or at a local laboratory will not do justice to the time, effort and money that you have invested in hiring a professional. there is a small copyright fee. If you would like more information about this please contact u

Tell me about your professional printing?

All prints are printed at professional photographic labs including mounting .

Is framing one of your services?

Yes custom framing can be arranged for you we also have a range of frames and albums in stock … click here to see what’s available ( link to home wares online)

Can you help with invitations, place cards, thank you cards and other wedding stationery?

Yes! Tracey is also a graphic designer and would be happy to design and coordinate your stationery. Thank you cards for weddings, births etc are a popular choice for many where they can display their images and convey a message. For an edge in design please enquire……

Many of our clients enquire about this shortly after their engagement shoot, as they feel it would be ideal to use some of the images on their invitations and other stationery.

Why should I have my enlargements professionally mounted?
I offer a large selection of frames, and have your larger images professionally mounted. This ensures that your images will not sag or wrinkle behind the glass, nor slide toward the bottom of the frame over time. You have invested a lot of effort in your wedding day, and your photography – Professional mounting simply does justice to your efforts and financial investment into professional photography.

What happens if the photographer has to cancel my wedding booking?

This has never happened, you would get a full refund i would endevour to sorce a replacement photographer and you would get my sincerest apologies….. if I’m still alive

What happens if i change the date of my wedding after i have already made a booking?

If the date is more than 9 months away and we are able to swap the dates easily and have the ability to fill your previously booked date then  you will not incur and charges. However if the booking is within 9 months and we are not able to fill your previously booked date may lose your deposit.


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